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My name is Iaroslav and I have worked with people all of my life. First as a manager in the Forces, then as a project manager and finally as a coach. I have learned through my experiences that when we go through existential crises, it affects everything, from our performance at work to our every-day lives.


Since then I have developed the tools that I needed to help both organizations and individuals figure-out these hard questions so that we can be effective at what we do, happy while we do it and be certain that we do it for the right reasons. Only then everyone wins. But it hasn't always been like this...

Back in 2105 I was graduating from engineering and struggling with what to do with my life. I knew that engineering wasn’t for me and I felt terrified and had no clue what I would do next. But I definitely knew I wanted to work with people rather than machines.


I refused the first and only engineering job offer I ever got. I was also offered a full-time position within the federal government; a well paying, cushy job and I refused that as well. Instead, I ended up in the military and was being paid 5$ an hour for digging trenches, walking through swamps and not sleeping for weeks at a time. It was a miserable, but also the best experience of my life. I knew that this is where I had to be to learn the lessons that I needed to learn. And it paid off, by the age of 29 I was a Project Manager in the Army, responsible for over 140 people.


But it wasn’t all work either. I travelled the world, learned to fly, learned to dance, became self-employed to name a couple of things and have tons of experiences that I will remember for decades to come. In hindsight I did one thing right. I decided to do the hard thing that felt right instead of the easy thing that everyone else does.


So by the end of by the end of 2021 I had a job with an extremely competitive salary, 5 weeks of vacation, all the benefits in the world, fully remote. And I quit to dedicate myself to my coaching practice full time.


Through my journey I became fascinated by how people made life-changing decisions like career choice: Usually by some random combination of what they think the job is like and what their family tells them the job is like. In other words, almost randomly, with no consideration to who they are and what they actually want themselves.


Contrast this to how engineers and project managers make decisions in their professional lives: Based on pre-determined requirements, a solid business case, trusted experience and data from a quality control process. That is how my business Life Engineering was born.


Life Engineering is a system for life planning and decision making that is based on the engineering design principles. It can answer existential questions like: "Who am I? What do I want out of life? What impact do I want to have? Where am I headed? What is the best option for me? What is my next step?" I then use those answers and use that system to help my clients make big life decisions around career and life paths based on who they are and what they want for themselves.


M.Eng, Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Military, Pilot.

Career and Life Coach Iaroslav Rybakov from Life Engineering
Career and Life Coach Iaroslav Rybakov from Life Engineering
Career and Life Coach Iaroslav Rybakov from Life Engineering
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