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Essential Habit 1 of 3 - Nutrition.

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Why do I bother getting into this topic on a website about professional purpose? First of all, writing blog posts is good for business. But I also fundamentally believe that the smallest of our daily habits have a significant impact on our personalities and our macro lives. In the same way that a rising tide lifts all boats, having a couple of good habits can affect your mood, relationships and professional results in subtle ways that all add up dramatically over time. There are three such fundamental habits I want to cover in this series of posts: Nutrition, exercise, and meditation. These articles are by no means complete references on the subject, but rather 2-minute start guides on how to get you on a better path. If you want more information I would suggest you do your own research. So let’s jump in.

Healthy eating is as much a necessity as breathing clean air. Our breathing and nutrition are two sides of the same coin. They each provide half the ingredients our body needs to fuel itself. Not eating healthy is as disastrous to us long term as breathing toxic air is; with disease, cancer and health problems being direct results of that.

Eating healthy isn’t hard, but a lot of information sources make it unnecessarily complicated which can discourage people. So here is a simple run-down.

• Avoid Processed Foods. Buy in bulk and learn to cook grains, meat, fish, vegetables, pasta, or anything else natural that floats your boat. The more you cook yourself the better habits you will develop.

• Eat more fruits and veggies. No one eats enough, including me. It is a constant struggle.

• Limit refined sugar sources like juices, sodas, candy, non-dark chocolate, ice-cream, pre-made desserts, etc. Want pie or cake? Make your own.

It does not mean cutting it out desserts or sugar completely. However, I have found that we have a dependency on processed sugar, the more we eat it, the more we crave it the less healthy our habits become. If you just take a break for a couple of weeks, you will find yourself needing it less and less and quickly replacing them with other things which are a much better choice. Remember the key here is not going to extremes, it is balance. I still drink sugary drinks, eat candy and chocolate, but I cook a lot too. I have found that small incremental changes to my diet make me discover other ways in which I can improve further. It is a more effective way to make changes than to drastically alter your habits.

Finally, we need to talk about weight and appetite control. Bad eating habits often result in imbalances in weight. That means both under and overweight people. Weight and appetite control is something that is very personal to everyone so I do not give advice on whether anyone should gain or lose pounds. However, the point that I will make is that proper nutrition is what controls these two aspects. No amount of exercise will make you significantly thinner or bulkier. This process always starts in the kitchen. You cannot outrun a bad diet simply because the amount of calories you burn with active exercise doesn’t even come close to the amount you can ingest with a single unhealthy meal. Learn to eat well and the rest will be easier to take care of.

For more information on weight loss or gain go see a nutritionist or personal trainer, which brings us to the next topic.

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