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Why I Started Life Engineering

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Multiple people teamwork and helping each other

In its most abstract way, my purpose is to inspire people so that they, in turn, inspire others. This means that I don't coach my clients so that they become awesome. That is a side-effect. I coach them so that the people they are closest can see them transform and be inspired to go on the same journey. 

​More personal to me, I think that the world is changing. You see people leaving corporate jobs and taking early retirements, only to go back to work in some other field or start a business because they are bored. You see people no longer wanting to do the same things the same way. The lines of work and retirement are being blurred and we must find a new way to identify with what our occupation means for our identity.

​You see more and more jobs being automated and in 10 years AI is coming for us all; engineers and doctors included. This means that being educated and hard working is no longer enough. You now have to also be flexible, resilient and entrepreneurial. You must let go of the idea that you will do one thing all your life.

​That's what I help my clients develop so that in 10 years they can decide their own fate, instead of having it decided for them. They will start new businesses, find new niches to work in, retool and reskill and find a way to express their purpose and who they are no matter the circumstance. They will be 10 steps ahead of everyone else that has to start learning these things from scratch when the automation train hits them in the face.

But more personal to me, it also means that in 10 years I will have a huge network of ex-clients and friends that do amazingly cool shit. So I do this in order to have these connections, but also to make these connections available to the rest of my network. I do this to have control over my own life, to be free and travel whenever, wherever, to have an impact and to build a community of people that help each other in these changing times. 

Want to be part of the tribe?

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